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September 17, 2018

Bold colour, exclusive materials and a focus on design expertise.

As SILMO 2018 approaches, French designer brand Jean-François Rey shared the highlights of their extensive new collections with 20/20 Europe.

Q: SILMO is always an exciting time. What are your key launches in the JF REY collection?

A: The concepts we propose for the new season come back to the essentials of the brand, with a particular character and an exceptional visual strength. Models play with duality and creative work in volume, contrast and the superimposed effect of materials, styles and personal colours.
This collection highlights new strong concepts such as BLADE or MC SKULL but we also continued to work on our bestselling ranges: DOUBLE JEU, AERO, DESTRUCT,LE CUIR, CARBONWOOD, and the vintage line 1985. We propose new trendy shapes, among which we can note the ultra-thin metal round, the double bridge revisited and cute retro shapes.
If metal and combined frames are favored in this collection, worked with an extreme lightness and finesse, we also introduced new exclusive acetates patterns that give the collection a personal aesthetic sensibility.

Q: Explain the new models in the DOUBLE JEU line in terms of shapes, materials and colours.

A: The success of DOUBLE JEU comes from the ‘offbeat’ work in metals and colour combinations, led by our expertise in the colorful metal frames.
The collection is structured around 7 Nylor frames and focuses on a perfectly controlled effect where two light and extremely thin metal pieces are superimposed on each other.
This creates an exciting visual effect further enhanced with contrasts of shocking colours and outstanding graphic lines. DOUBLE JEU is a pure JF Rey design !

Q: A new campaign is launched for DOUBLE JEU, what is the artistic direction?

A: Our new campaign is directly inspired by the SILMO 2018 collection, and mainly by the successful concept DOUBLE JEU.
Graphic, creative, colorful and contemporary are the main words that apply to the new models … as well as the new campaign. As usual, the entire shoot has been produced in-house by our Communication Department. While preserving the DNA of the brand, the artistic direction is expressed in duality (in reference to the collection) by exploring graphic games, overlays, optical illusions and mirror effects. The styling is impeccable, with a selection of fashionable, elegant and contemporary pieces. The minimalist aesthetic andgraphic details give special character to the campaign.

Q: Launches are planned in other lines at JFREY: including for VOLTE FACE, BOZ and 1985. Explain in three parts, these new entries.

A: BOZ  - The new collection offers large, glamorous, feminine shapes. Metal or combined, the frames hold their elegance in the extremely refined work of our French factories in the Jura. The design is full of stylistic details such as thin metal lace, luxurious colours and expressive design.
Volte Face - The Volte Face collection is inspired by the Art Deco theme with feminine, classic and modern shapes. The style is always extremely refined, with subtle references to jewelery and discreet decoration.
Jean-François Rey 1985 - The new collection is enriched with new vintage pieces designed by Jean-François Rey in the 1980s. Small retro shapes in metal and Nylor acetate frames with a strong design are highlighted in this range.

Q: As an eyewear company, what are you looking forward to in 2019?

A: 2019 promises to be exciting and intense regarding different projects we are working on, such as international collaborations … but we can’t tell you more for the moment.

Q: What kinds­­ of trends are coming up for 2019, and does JFREY have links with these particular directions? Refer to colour, general themes or particularly popular eyewear shapes.

A: There’s always a common thread running through the different collections, even if we introduce new concepts, styles, personal colours and patterns. Extremely thin metal will be favoured, offering trendy shapes and colorful designs. This is the main direction we will explore for 2019. Architectural design, graphic styles, expressive shapes…we continue to develop these themes, with a special focus on the line 1985 and a 50s/60s fashion aesthetic.

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