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Author: Joan Grady

Interview of the Month
February 19, 2019

Massimo Renon, CEO Marcolin Group

For nearly sixty years, Marcolin has designed, produced and distributed eyewear for renowned fashion labels on the international stage.

Massimo Renon, CEO Marcolin Group, reviews the exciting developments of the global firm headquartered in Longarone, Italy.

Q: Please give us a brief biography of the Marcolin evolution.

A: Marcolin Group is a worldwide leading company in the eyewear industry, standing out for the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation and the unique ability to faithfully combine design and Italian craftsmanship with the core values of each brand. The introduction of new licensed brands allows us to develop business with companies that share its passion for excellence, the attention to product detail, and brand values. Marcolin Group is a worldwide solid company, and aims for continued growth; a turnover of around €450 million was reported in 2016. In terms of brand portfolio, the company has new licensing agreements: Bally and L Brands for Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret PINK; and the renewal of eyewear licensing agreements for GUESS, Marciano Covergirl Eyewear in America; Tod’s, and Timberland.

Q: How is it determined what premium brands present the critical components necessary for Marcolin licenses? What criteria or requirements are compulsory – and expected?

A: Marcolin Group has design know-how; a well-established production, distribution and operations structure (factories, warehouses, customer service, after sales service) in the eyewear industry. The brand portfolio we represent is made of global well-known brands, with clear positioning and strong reputation, not overlapping. We are close to each license we represent for eyewear in order to properly reflect this category. The steps concerning the eyewear process (from design to distribution, as well as communication) are done together, aligned, and promptly responsive to every market need or change.

\\ Marcolin HQ in Longarone, Italy

Q: Does the current dissension in politics, the economy, and fluctuations in the financial markets, have an impact on your corporate strategies and planning for future enterprises?

A: A high level of complexity and uncertainty characterizes the current global economic situation, and the eyewear sector is becoming more and more challenging. Our main goal is to bring our brands to the fullest results possible, always keeping in mind a quality approach. We are working to become an alternative partner, able to support our clients in terms of creative and high-qualitative products, innovative collections and brand portfolio, as well as giving them a global service.

Q: How has the digital world transformed the mind-set in planning and developing current programmes at Marcolin?

A: Time-to-market and omni-channel are keywords in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. The ultimate challenge for companies is to effect digital transformation in every aspect of the organizational culture, closing the gaps between customers’ expectations, and the service and experience they receive. The traditional eyewear distribution - based exclusively on brick and mortar shops - needs to evolve: nowadays, it’s about merging online and offline channels, finding new ways of collaborating.
We are working to reduce the gap and move closer to our partners (worldwide distributors, key accounts and opticians), and consumers in order to speed up the reception of online and offline items concerning our brands and company. The new Marcolin website and social media channels are dedicated to innovative graphic design, offering an engaging and dynamic user experience.

“The ultimate challenge for companies is to effect digital transformation in every aspect of the organizational culture…"

\\ Marcolin’s Hong Kong showroom

Q: Your Global Dimension represents approximately 650 sellers, and 1900 employees.  Are fledgling and energetic recruits currently interested in launching a career in an international and technologically dynamic eyewear production company?

A: Globally speaking the employees are more than 1900; the average age is around 40 years old, and the number of new workers in 2018 in Italy is 80. With 11 branches, four joint ventures (China, Mexico, Middle East and Russia) and a plan for strong growth and organizational strengthening in the Asian market, Marcolin Group is one of the most dynamic in the Italian eyewear sector. Our employees share a great sense of belonging, the common passion for what they do, and they’re focused on the company business, sharing a common goal. They live and work as part of a global network, within an innovative environment and in a field that is changing fast.

Q: As a global brand, constantly evolving, what are some of the biggest changes and adaptations for the company since its beginning?

A: The eyewear industry is facing big changes and challenges, after decades based on licensing agreements. In this context, Marcolin Group has created a joint venture with the global group leader in the luxury sector, LVMH, who has recognized us as the perfect partner with the proper skills and know- how, to better respond to their needs and demands in the luxury eyewear category.

\\ A new licencing agreement with Victoria’s Secret - Victoria’s Secret fashion show sunglasses

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