Götti Switzerland: slow eyewear, inspired by nature

Author: Interview by Clodagh Norton

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February 10, 2023

Götti Switzerland will be present at the Opti Munich fair with a brand new collection for 2023.
Describe the characteristics of the line.

Sven Gotti, Gotti Switzerland

Alongside exciting news in acetate, titanium and genuine horn, we will present a new 3D printed line called BIONIC. The difference to the DIMENSION line lies in the material we have used for this line. It is obtained from the seed of the castor plant and is a renewable, raw material. Furthermore, the temples are attached to the front with a state-of-the-art hinge, which explores the excellent flexibility of this 3D printed material.

Q: How does this line take forward your philosophy and design style?

A: This line is an exciting fusion of all the know-how we have gained since we first started to produce eyewear. Reduction and simplification results in a more sustainable eyewear collection. From the material, the construction, the production site and the packaging to the well-thought-out design concept, which can also be individually adapted to the desired size. All factors pursue the same goal and, focusing on the concept of "slow eyewear", enable us to produce sustainable and resource-saving glasses.

Q: Would you describe any particular innovation, colour technique or tech focus in this new release?

A: With a radical approach, the glasses consist of the front and two temples. We have not used any additional screw or other aid for the hinge. And yet the temple can be opened and closed with a crisp and fluid movement. Our Research & Development department was inspired by nature and found a brilliant solution in the form of a ball joint. Hence the term BIONIC, which deals with the transfer of a phenomenon of nature to technology. It is assumed that living nature develops optimized structures and processes through evolutionary processes from which humans can learn.

Q: Götti Switzerland is a sustainable eyewear player, with focus on Swiss resource-efficient in-house production – how has the 3D printed collection DIMENSION enhanced this position in recent years?

A: Our 3D printed eyewear enables us to make warehousing more flexible and we are able to react very quickly to the demand of certain frames. This secures a high level of delivery readiness. But it is also the touch and feel, as well as the light weight, which are very popular among our customers. In addition, it is a lot of fun to see how our glasses are being produced, on site. Enhancing our sustainable focus, we are very happy that the residual material, which unfortunately also accumulates in every 3D printing production, can be reused as a base material for works of art. We are working with the design studio Hot Wire Extensions in Switzerland (www.hotwireextensions.com).

Model Bautista: new in the Götti Switzerland Horn collection

Q: We understand you have opened up the DIMENSION collection for bespoke sizing with DIMENSION X – explain your idea and how this is working?

A: For the bespoke sizing we are working very closely with our customers. They give us exact dimensions that they need for a perfect fit of the glasses. We have developed a system to modify an existing model to the desired dimensions. This individual size adjustment to 1/2 mm accuracy has become very well established with our customers.

Q: In reference to the other established lines (horn or acetate for example), do you have particular new releases or new colours for 2023?

A: We are presenting a very new high-end line in acetate. All the metal parts, such as hinges, rivets and temple core are gold plated. The temple core is decorated with an exciting engraving, which is derived from our logo. In combination with the new transparent and yet intense colours, the retro shapes have been given a new and modern, irresistible look. The Titanium Collection will be brilliant! With our new, shiny colour concept, which caused a stir at SILMO, we will show a new, bolder collection. And we’ve also added two exciting retro shapes to our genuine horn collection.

Q: Götti Switzerland has also been busy with other innovations, and for 2023, there is a brand-new case launching for all the designs. What’s the story behind this innovative product?

A: Since we are playing with the idea of ‘Slow Eyewear’, it is only logical that we should have developed a matching glasses case, which is also manufactured in Switzerland. It can be folded in two different ways so the buyer can decide what he prefers and the optician finishes the case according to his wishes.

Q: Finally, what are your priorities for the upcoming year? (Any business plans or corporate news or production expansion could be included here)

A: There are many ideas around… Just in our heads or already half finished.

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