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March 15, 2019

Pascal Jaulent’s love of architecture and expert eye for colour are the inimitable highlights of the FACE À FACE collection.
The new season designs, launched at Mido 2019, continue in the same vein, with a mood of elegance and refinement, and an exciting exploration of transparency and surprising light effects.

Q: Outline the general theme or direction of the new models launched at MIDO 2019.

A: I have been working on the theme of transparency in the last two seasons. Light and transparency are the main creative elements for our work at FACE À FACE. But the frames continue to resonate through other nuances; as architectural references, a graphic design expression, and an exploration of the language of colour. The transparencies in metal are expressed by the thinness of the frames, and this has been one of the fundamental characteristics for the new BOCCA SONG, released at MIDO.
Playing with thin eyebrow lines in pure titanium, the oversized shapes are fitted with silhouetted titanium boots, a detail which is really surprising and new.

\\ Model Bocca Song

Q: Architectural inspiration is a huge topic in eyewear this year. Does this apply at FACE À FACE?

A: We were the first ones, 24 years ago, to consider our design work in the context of architectural design; this relationship has been replicated by many other designers. Architectural references are still very relevant in our inspiration. For example, our recent bestseller in the sunglasses collection launched at SILMO 2018, was model Meyer. This product was a direct tribute to Adolf Meyer, partner of Walter Gropius in the Bauhaus movement. Beyond this, I have been adding many other creative dimensions that permanently interact or express our vision, beside the pure architectural references we have made over the years.

\\ Model Meyer

Q: How does the new concept - Seven - manage to balance vintage-inspired with contemporary in individual shapes?

A: The idea behind Seven was to apply the work we are doing with transparency in a 70’s inspired men’s acetate shape. The effect is an upper bar that appears to be floating over a layer of crystal. This is a new, quite modern effect, thanks to the tricks we have played with transparency.

\\ Model Seven

Q: For sunglasses, what would you say are the key shapes and how is that direction developing?

A: The magic of our times is the diversity and the plurality of trends and influences. There are many trend directions at this time. FACE À FACE has a conceptual approach to eyewear design which means we adapt the shapes to the concepts, not the other way round.

Q: Colour combinations are an important element in the FACE À FACE collections. Can you comment on those for the new collections? What types of combinations are used and is there a particular inspiration?

A: For us, colour is a language. The recent colour palette, while playing significantly with transparent effects, expresses what I would call a “precious” palette. Strong colours have become sophisticated, tones like emerald green for example.  But pastel tones are also important in our current creations.

Q: Finally, confirm the number of new models launched, and when they will be available.

A: Our spring launches which started in January are quite extensive. We have 12 to 14 new models as well as a good number of more masculine models, sculpted in aluminum, like the new model Beats  - a reference to the Beat generation. In titanium we have released the ISSEY concept, and the full titanium model BOCCA SONG is one of the most exciting additions in the metal part of the collection.


\\ Model Issey

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