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September 10, 2018

Pascal Jaulent

Pascal Jaulent of FACE À FACE explained the relevance of ‘Synaesthesia’ as a new collection launches for 2019.

Expect some bold and beautiful colour ideas amongst their new sunglasses collection.

Q: What is the focus for SILMO 2018?

A: SILMO is always very special to FACE À FACE because it is here we meet with our key customers and where we have the opportunity of presenting our new designs to the press. So, we are always a bit nervous and very excited! SILMO is also where we present the new sun collections; bold and audacious as ever.

Q: What is the story behind the new campaign launching this September?

A: We have been very inspired by the phenomenon called ‘Synaesthesia’ – the ability to blend senses and literally taste shapes or hear a colour. Many famous artists are gifted with synaesthesia and have the ability to see and sense colour and form in a way that is surreal to others. We have found it very intriguing and fascinating to explore the many dimensions of this ability.
The design team has worked boldly in creating eyewear with contrasts of colour and materials that are like unique pieces of art – not leaving a single detail up for chance. And the result is alluring: a new surprising collection by FACE À FACE filled with magical colours and elaborate shapes.

\\ FACE À FACE Spark1

“It truly requires passion and a sense of ‘synaesthesia’ to have this amount of accuracy in the choice of colours and shapes”

Q: Can you pinpoint a particular direction or trend focus in this line?

A: The trend in the new collection is the artistic work with colour, creating contrasts between ‘being and not being’, transparencies and solid materials.
The colours are softer, and we have more shapes in black/white than in previous years.

Q: FACE À FACE is daring with colour. How does this focus re-emerge for the new collection? Give examples of colour tones introduced and new combinations explored.

A: We love working through colours! From the brilliant tones of duck green and blue notes, to transparent and soft nude colours. We always engage with a full palette across the collection, not to limit ourselves to ‘what’s in fashion’. We like to set our own direction, and this collection is both soft and transparent as well as solid and dark.

\\ FACE À FACE Pulse 1

Q: For women, how do you propose statement colour this season? And is that the same for men?

A: We have many playful concepts, with elaborate coloration and combinations – but also more symmetrical designs, like FACE À FACE BOWIE, where colour becomes a straight line across the eyes.

Q: How many new models will show in Paris this month, and are you launching both optical and sunglass collections?

A: SILMO is an important event, where we launch a wide range of new styles – both in the optical and the sun collection.

Q: Finally, is there “a new mood” coming in 2019? Describe in three or four words the key focus for you as an eyewear designer for next year’s aesthetic.

A: ‘Syneasthesia’ – evoking emotions and sensory sensations. Playful coloration. Geometrical shapes inspired by art and architecture.

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