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November 22, 2017

Pascal Jaulent

SS18 Sunglasses collection

Eye-catching, playful colours are at the heart of the new collection by 
FACE À FACE for Spring/Summer 2018.
20/20 Europe asked designer Pascal Jaulent for a preview of what’s to come….

Q: What is the direction of the SS18 sunglasses collection, and was there a particular inspiration for this line?

A: The sunglasses collection from FACE À FACE is bold and colorful as ever, playing with artful interpretations of ‘Transparencies’. The trend of transparency is key in our modern society, where we expect honesty, openness and to be involved in all aspects of life. The trend is reflected in our designs in colorations and the ambiguity of using both solids and transparent materials in combination.

Q: FACE À FACE sunglasses are traditionally very feminine. Have you continued in this vein and which are the most “elegant feminine” shapes featuring? Which are your personal favourites when it comes to shapes in this col

A: Yes, the sun collection is very feminine indeed. FACE À FACE cherishes the expression of clear identity and the bold shapes of the COSMO, EAMES, the NEMMO or CHANCE which leave a strong impression. These are for unique and feminine women.

\\ Model Cosmo

Colour is
always creative at 

Q: Do you believe that women are more open to wearing new colours on their faces? Does SS18 focus on certain types of colour or do you feel there needs to be a broad choice of tones available without being so obsessive about trends?

A: Yes, there is nothing more dull than monochrome sunglasses! Women dare to be colorful and expressive when choosing sunglasses and as designers it is our playground for bold shapes and more experimental coloration. A sunglass design from FACE À FACE is never mainstream but more like a small artistic creation.

Q: How are materials evolving at FACE À FACE and do you still find new ways to work in acetate?

A: Acetates are handcrafted materials based on cotton and are developed by skilled craftsmen. We are very inspired by their ability to reinvent colour and patterns, by adding subtle or strong details. We work with layers of acetate and create audacious combinations through a close cooperation with the best producers of acetate in the world.

\\ Model Chance

Q: And the details, they are slightly 1950s / 1960s in their look?

A: The 50’s and the 60’s were periods of modernity and beloved feminine sophistication; these years are still irradiating some of the season’s creative concepts. Also, some of the season’s exclusive colours are derived from this period, some incredible greens especially, which is certainly the colour that’s on trend.

Q: Is architecture still an influence on your design work and would you say there is always a structure or a building in your mind when you come to the drawing board? Or does your inspiration vary day by day?

A: Architecture in its essence and the expressive power of graphical work are always part of my inspiration together with modern art and the artful colour palette of some painters. Just look at the EAMES from the new Sun Collection or LEWIT from our optical collection!
The new palette we are working on now is inspired by the work of Matisse, and from the Gaugin exhibition, with a stunning mix of earthy hues and strong blue, green and orange tones.

FACE À FACE is part of Design Eyewear Group.
www.faceaface-paris.com / www.designeyeweargroup.com

\\ Model Eames

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