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October 23, 2018

The French men’s eyewear brand celebrated 20 years at Silmo this year. 20/20 Europe caught up with the Exalto team to find out where the collection is focusing for the new season.

Q: What has been the key news for the Exalto brand at SILMO 2018?

A: This year, Exalto celebrates its 20th year. We established this brand in 1998, aimed at wearers seeking elegance and beautiful materials. It went on to take its place alongside our historic brand, Oxibis, dedicated to fans of colour.
Initially unisex, Exalto was repositioned in 2015 to focus on an exclusively male target market. While the design has evolved in line with this new target market, its refinement and attention to detail have always remained. To mark its birthday, we offered our customers at Silmo a chance to win two electric Fat Bikes.

Q: As a men’s brand, what is the direction the collections takes for the new season and what are the key trends for men in your opinion?

A: The brand is still tending towards finesse and a retro style. Men look for original materials, comfort, lightness, durability, touches of colour and sophisticated details.

Q: Identify the details of the frames: tech + hinge functionality.

A: The Exalto® collection prides itself on its attention to detail.
Specific hinges, combinations of materials, visual effects and finishes...Exalto® frames are an invitation to explore: find out more about the product to discover all the details that influence the frames’ aesthetic considerations and give them genuine added value.

Q: Modern materials are a huge focus in eyewear today. What is the appeal of wood and carbon in your collection?

A: Wood is a natural material that is increasingly popular in eyewear.
But it can sometimes be complicated for the optician to work with and uncomfortable for extended wear. What makes the Exalto 12M model (wood/carbon) so successful, beyond its original materials, is its construction.
Our ambition was to offer a wooden frame with all its aesthetic advantages, but without the disadvantages!

Our design offers:
- wood combined with carbon for greater durability (10 sheets of carbon fibre for each sheet of wood)
- a specific flex hinge designed for greater flexibility and comfort
- a rimlock assembly method and adjustable end tips and nose pads.
These little details are very important!

Q: Where is Exalto available beyond the French market?

A: The Exalto brand is now distributed in 26 countries worldwide.

Q: How large is the line?

A: The collection now includes 7 models, each available in several shapes (between 4 and 16) and 3 or 4 colours.

Q: As part of the Oxibis portfolio of brands, Exalto has become a leader in France in the men’s segment. Would you agree, and how do you plan to further consolidate this position in 2019?

A: The brand is held in high regard by opticians and by wearers for its refinement, quality and technical sophistication. Its original concept was to offer specific technical hinges (one hinge = one model).
We will therefore continue to design our products with two main focuses:
- capitalising on our most popular hinges by updating them with new shapes (e.g. we recently updated the 98P range with retro Windsor models)
- and developing new specific hinges to appeal to our customers and wearers who seek innovation and technical sophistication.


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