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May 14, 2018

Industrialism refined:  The QUANTUM Collection 2.0

Following the global launch in 2017, a second Quantum series by the Danish eyewear company is announced this month, with 12 innovative styles for men and women, in a state-of-the-art combination of polyamide and titanium.

20/20 EUROPE asked Henrik Ørgreen to explain the technical innovations and design direction behind the new collection as it launched in early May.

Q: Explain the two key innovations in this line.

A: Quantum is Ørgreen’s innovative range of frames that, uniquely, employs our new spherical hinge with a combination of titanium and polyamide. Polyamide is relatively new to the market. As a frame material it is very strong, lightweight and durable. Combining it with our trademark material, Japanese titanium, Quantum embodies Ørgreen’s goal to challenge the traditions of eyewear design while insisting on offering the highest handcrafted quality.

In our 2.0 series releasing this month, we have worked hard to further develop the material and we have achieved a very high level finish that brings exceptional refinement to the product.
The new spherical hinge design has given us huge benefits as a company. Of course, we are known particularly for our success as titanium specialists. We wanted to add to that the technical hinge development in Quantum as a new direction that would reflect our Danish heritage through a simple “invisible” functional design.

\\ Model 2.03

Q: Since the first line Quantum 1.0 launched in 2017, what has been the feedback and optician’s opinion of the tech design.

A: We are really positive about it so far. In Europe, we have seen overwhelming success with Quantum from the start. We have many ‘loyal ambassadors’ here who like us for who we are, and who thrive on innovation and new opportunities in materials. We launched the collection last year and we wanted to make sure they understood the concept and that it was launched the right way, so we started with just 21 designs each in four colours. This is one of the reasons that we are now launching the 2.0, adding new colours and shapes.
In the US, where we are gaining a lot of foothold, the polyamide material is considered an all-new material. And for this reason, while the optical retailers really like it, they are a little more cautious and need to understand what the material is and what we have managed to do with it. For us, this is a very interesting market and we are privileged to be one of the first to take the material into the US in a very advanced accomplished technical design.

Q: Does Quantum 2.0 take the collection another step further?

A: It does. In the material there has been constant development our end. Quantum 1.0 had the quality and level of finish we had originally aimed for, but now we have been able to refine that even further. We have become better and better at doing the development and the production and focusing on very small details so the quality control we are doing now means that the level is really more meticulous than ever. We will continue to see this development, as we are using very modern materials and doing things that haven’t been done before.

\\ Model 2.05

Q: There seems to be a strong vintage or ‘urban’ direction when it comes to the shapes and I understand there is a mix of rough and smooth finishes?

A: If you have a very narrow design, you can achieve a perfectly smooth surface. For the more bulky design, we have created a different, more ‘urban’ look with a little more roughness. This is still a very classy finish, and the colour is dyed – rather than spray-painted – because we believe that we get a much more superior result. Quantum 2.0 has made a feature of the more chunky, statement styles in new colours that fit the demand of the target group who are tending to be younger compared to our titanium customer.

Q: Are you offering any special marketing support to opticians for Quantum 2.0 and when are the frames available?

A: We always produce point-of-sale material and we have launched a new image campaign specifically for the launch of Quantum 2.0. We wanted to do a different concept so you can really distinguish between the collections we are now offering. We have some product displays that are clean and elegant, specifically for the new 2.0 models. The frames are now available for order, and will be delivered end of May/beginning of June, depending on the region.

Q: Can you tell me about the new Ørgreen acetate collections launching in 2018?

A: For Ørgreen’s brand new acetate collection, we plan a pre-launch in the US in July – where we will show 14 designs. At SILMO, we will present an additional nine styles, so a total collection of 21 frames. Few people know that when we first created Ørgreen we launched with an acetate collection. We are going back to our roots, in a sense, but with something completely new.

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