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Author: Clodagh Norton

Interview of the Month
August 31, 2016

Danish eyewear company FALVIN Eyewear
has a unique approach to luxury. 

Designer and founder, Birgitte Falvin talked to 20/20 EUROPE in an exclusive interview.

Birgitte Falvin, Falvin Eyewear designer and founder

Q: Falvin has grown quickly since you first launched. Could you remind us when you started and what the collections have focused on to date?

A: Falvin eyewear is a high-end brand that represents contemporary elegance and a cool aesthetic attitude derived from its Danish heritage. The label was launched at Silmo in 2015. Falvin frames are conceptual adaptations of bold silhouettes, with some incorporating 24-carat gold and palladium. Our SHADE frame was highlighted in the Sunglasses category of the prestigious Silmo d'Or award in that same year.

Q: As a jewellery designer, what has been most exciting about working in the optical industry, and have there been challenges? What is surprising/ exciting for you in eyewear?

A: I have always searched for ways to enhance and reflect the personality. I find that eyewear is the strongest accessory you can use, because it reveals the true core of a person’s style. Eyewear is a powerful way of making a personal statement, and these days there is a strong focus on advanced styling. One of the challenges that I find exciting is to design an edgy and enduring style. 

Q: Explain your new collection launching in Paris in September.

A: I have developed new silhouettes that compliment my launch collection, the Black Crystal. The daring new frames and colours are an expression of authentic Danish design, and incorporate graphic, edgy details. 

Q: How would you describe the direction the brand is taking, with reference particularly to its Scandinavian roots.

A: Falvin’s signature is bold silhouettes, infused with architectural elements. My style is based on a strong sense of quality and design. I like to create comfortable eyewear with character for people who like to receive compliments for their unique personal unique style. Falvin frames suit individuals who like to stand out in a sophisticated way. The colour range and shapes blend naturally with clothing and skin tones, and were carefully selected after an elaborate research process and my many years of experience with design, styling and fashion. A strong design language that connects the collection makes the frames easy to display. ‘It’s all about aesthetic attitude.’ 

Comment on the commitment you have made to the finest titanium production.
For me, innovative eyewear, with enduring quality and fabulous fit, is nothing short
of essential. Falvin frames are a remarkable combination of Danish design and handcrafted Japanese perfection.
To ensure the best quality in oversized frames, titanium is perfect because of its lightness. 

Q: Are diamonds an ongoing feature for Falvin Eyewear?

A: Yes. Falvin´s frames can be customized according to the wearer’s desire, with glittering Wesselton diamond settings that underline a leading-edge look. The diamonds are carefully selected by a top Danish jeweller. They are placed using traditional techniques to ensure a long-lasting quality. Embedded with luxury and durability, the Falvin brand offers must-have eyewear for business and leisure, as well as glamorous eveningwear. The cool architectural lines in these exclusive frames are tailored for women and men who insist on design and quality.

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