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Author: Clodagh Norton

Feature Story
February 05, 2019


Heritage, craftsmanship and the finest materials….the luxury brands of the moment embrace many unique qualities to achieve exclusive designs with a refinement and creativity only achieved through exceptional commitment to innovative production methods...

LUXE STYLE ….from Los Angeles
The Light & The Shadow Campaign, based on Yves Saint Laurent’s 1971 collection of 40s inspired haute couture.
The campaign features Sergei Polunin and Anna Brewster. Jacques Marie Mage, founded by Jerome Mage, is a maker of collectible limited edition eyewear, accessories and fashion using precious materials, rich colours and geometric forms.
The collection stands out as one of the fastest growing luxury lines designed in the USA.



\\ Atelier by Silhouette

Silhouette’s luxury Atelier Collection is produced by artisans in a dedicated area of the Silhouette Headquarters in Linz, Austria. The Collection embodies timeless design with an eye for detail. Each model is a one-of-a-kind, allowing true connoisseurs to create individual designs that showcase their personalities. The texture of the horn, introduced into the line in 2018, is “as unique as human DNA” and is featured in a palette of grey, brown, black or ivory. Many styles combine the material with high-tech titanium or 18-ct solid gold to become “true artefacts” blending high precision craftsmanship and contemporary style.
Titanium and horn for men
Expressive compositions of selected elements form an exquisite update to the classic Nylor design. Silhouette’s signature precious high-tech titanium meets the refined material of water buffalo to present a contemporary interpretation of luxury. The understated men’s collection combines mottled black, mottled grey and mottled brown horn with brushed rhodium, yellow gold, ruthenium or carbon black.
The latest Atelier collection is available under the Silhouette Vision SensationTM programme: the brand’s new supplier initiative to provide frames and lenses from a single source. Under the Silhouette Vision SensationTM programme, each stage of production will be carried out under the roof of the newly built Lens Lab in Linz.


“The new material makes its debut, beautifully merged with the brand’s iconic high- tech titanium and 18-carat solid gold to create an array of hand- crafted full frame fronts and rimless and supra eyewear.

Dedicated to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship, 80% of the frames are created by hand, with each pair created as an individually designed masterpiece in its own right."


\\ Model Iceberg de Diamants by Alexanian

ALEXANIAN was founded by Artur Alexanian. In 2004, the Armenian craftsman applied his expertise as a goldsmith to eyewear and by 2006 he opened his workshop in the Netherlands, producing the first exclusive ALEXANIAN eyewear collection. Today the collection
shows a strict adherence to classical craftsmanship in luxury frames created with valuable materials.
A choice of styling includes jewellery and “high jewellery” eyewear, solid gold eyewear and some classically inspired special editions such as traditional lorgnettes set with diamonds.
Alexanian offers bespoke eyewear designs with the highest value jewellery stones, including pink and yellow sapphires, rubies, black rhodium and black and clear diamonds.


Model B 1245 by Alexanian - 18k white gold

“We have devoted ourselves with heart and soul to sophisticated service and personal style..."


\\ LINDBERG 1823c

For decades eyewear designers around the world have tried taming nature’s luxury, the gorgeous but unruly buffalo horn. LINDBERG’s take on this challenge features an ultrathin horn front, hand-polished to bring out Mother Nature’s exquisite colour patterns, combined with lightweight, adjustable titanium temples.
The LINDBERG buffalo horn frames are stripped of any unnecessary material, such as screws, rivets or soldering - leaving a clean-cut, neat design, according to the company.
The company take pride in its Danish workshop, where superior craftsmanship and advanced technology go hand in hand.
As a testimony to true customisation, it is possible to engrave the name of the owner of the eyewear discreetly on the inside of the temple.
This buffalo horn collection has been awarded 9 international design prizes so far, making a total of 86 prizes for all the LINDBERG collections during the past 25 years. Carefully selecting the exclusive circle of LINDBERG buffalo horn dealers, LINDBERG also trains them in all details to personalise the buffalo horn eyewear. “They help the customer choose the frame that suits them best, down to the right temple length and nose pad design for the face. Finally they adjust the frame perfectly for the wearer’s personal comfort.”


“We combine 152 in- house processes to finish each buffalo horn frame.
It’s a complex matter, making minimalist Danish design..."



\\ Von Arkel 052-C4-OutlineC

Founded in Switzerland and inspired by Swiss watchmaking tradition and innovation, Von Arkel proposes luxury design featuring patented hinges referred to as Calibers, created with the know-how and technological capabilities used in Swiss watchmaking. The so-called Calibers include, as an example, Caliber 4 Outline, a mechanism offering durable and technical properties as well as an impressive lightness and attention to detail. According to the company, the simplicity Von Arkel preaches goes way beyond traditional standards. While the timeless designs are crowned with the new Caliber 4 for a stealthier look, the innovation lies in the choice of a sturdy 316L grade steel, used in the fabrication of watch cases and engineered by craftsmen for an unusual durability. Furthermore, models with integrated polyamide contours accentuate the personality with an elegant crystal-coloured look, as well as the indisputable feeling of confidence once you have them in your hands.


Von Arkel 004-C9-Entourage CN

Sunglasses from the Entourage collection by Von Arkel


\\ Chelsea 02.02 by Gold & Wood

The Luxembourg company Gold & Wood, first established in 1995, is a specialist in luxury eyewear. The company’s original mission was to provide “pleasure and dreams” around the craftsmanship of high-end frames and jewellery, with values based on emotion rather than necessity.
Today the company is producing designs in a variety of materials with a commitment to eco-responsible management and respectful sustainable development.

Exemplary of its contemporary direction, the new model Chelsea, a unisex optical frame, offers a careful balance of materials: the rare and precious woods complement the pure titanium from Japan creating a delicate and fine character, which makes this frame both sober and strong.
“Chelsea is a concentration of details that draws its singularity in the design of its eyebrow, and a construction free from glue or screws: an innovation in the market!”

The pure titanium monobloc front holds wooden inserts ‘clipped’ into the frame front; this technological innovation is achieved through a specific technical assembly of the glasses. The frame is easy to wear as the lenses are held in place, partly by the titanium and partly by the wood section. The shades and colour combinations emphasize the retro style through combinations of exotic woods and titanium.


Gold & Wood offers a wide selection of wood species: each one comes from sustainably managed forests.

Chelsea 01.04 by Gold & Wood

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