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January 24, 2019

Jutta Kahlbetzer

Maybach sets the tone for contemporary luxury eyewear, with its commitment to unique materials and excellence in design and craftsmanship.

Jutta Kahlbetzer, CEO explains today’s focus for the brand which has established a place for itself in the luxury accessories market worldwide.

Q: Maybach is an accessories label that defines a luxury mood. Describe the essence of that in a few words.

A: The essence of luxury should envelop the senses. Maybach luxury demands rare and precious materials, handcrafted artistry and the most exclusive look and feel possible. It also means individuality – custom-made luxury is uniquely personal

“To create the very best from the very best…"

Q: What other products is Maybach known for. Tell us a little about the background of this brand.

A: Maybach Eyewear is one of the best-known labels for high-end sunglasses and spectacles.
The story started with exclusive automobiles, more than 100 years ago, when Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl laid the cornerstone for a brand that quickly became a legend. “To create the very best from the very best“ - this maxim defined the brand from the beginning and still continues to do so. Today, the luxury vehicles are incorporating new, contemporary concepts, and the family-owned business Maybach Icons of Luxury GmbH creates exquisite handcrafted eyewear, accessories and leather items. Home accessories are also available, and even equine or canine companions can enjoy outstanding Maybach products!

Q: For the eyewear, the quality is extremely refined. How have you achieved such quality and finesse in the designs?

A: Passion! Our design team is passionate about their work and every detail is carefully considered. The luxury automobile creations also provide inspiration – elements such as the flowing lines on door trims or waterfall stitching from the seat upholstery can be integrated into Maybach optical design to provide exciting shapes or elegant highlights on the frames.
In this way the eyewear collections have their own style, but their origins can be discovered when the details are closely observed.

\\ MAYBACH - The Boulevard

Q: There is even a special Limited Gold Edition. What is offered in this special line?

A: Maybach optical design and quality in solid gold offers the most discerning clients a select range of eyewear which is handmade in a choice of gold ranging from yellow and white gold to rose gold. In combination with genuine buffalo horn, exotic woods and – if desired – diamonds, these models fulfill even the highest demands for luxury and individuality.

Q: Much focus is placed on details such as engraving and stone settings in luxury eyewear. Explain if this is so in this collection.

A: Maybach Limited Gold Editions include elements of the automobile design and the distinctive Maybach logo, but these must always enhance the appearance of the frame and never distract from it. In the same way, precious stones, cleverly used, allow a frame to radiate a particular sense of luxury, but they must be in harmony with the creation as a whole.
The setting – in this case, a spectacle frame - is just as important as the jewels, and it’s important to keep the balance.

\\ The Excellence - Limited Gold Edition

“…precious stones, cleverly used, allow a frame to radiate a particular sense of luxury, but they must be in harmony with the creation as a whole…"

Q: And the sun lenses, how do you match a luxury frame with a functional protective lens?

A: By choosing an exceptional lens, the luxury of clear sharp vision for the wearer is ensured. The options for lens colours and finishes from ZEISS are state-of the-art and nothing less would be good enough for a Maybach frame. Eyewear can be luxurious, beautiful and functional all at the same time. To be really excellent, it’s not enough for the design to look good, it has to offer outstanding functionality too.

Q: Who is the Maybach customer, and what is the geographic focus for the brand?

A: Put simply, Maybach connoisseurs expect the highest quality available. Custom-made options allow for individual character and personal taste. Clients who choose products from Maybach Icons of Luxury may be enthusiasts of the automobile brand, but many appreciate the distinctive eyewear and accessories for their own sake. The label is well known all over the globe.

\\ MAYBACH – The Observer

Q: How have you managed to apply the expertise of your company in this line, with particular focus on luxury and artisan expertise?

A: “Made in Germany“ evokes the idea of precision, a love of detail and skilled handcrafting artistry. These talents are rooted in German tradition. We are lucky to be based in an area where handcrafting expertise is still highly valued, so that we can carry on these traditions. Together with the innovative spirit and leading-edge contemporary know-how of our team, we have an excellent foundation for the design and creation of exquisite luxury products.

Q: What will you launch for Maybach at opti?

A: New eyewear models will be revealed, with a focus on rimless styles with sophisticated, beautiful details as well as highly expressive design in iconic sunglass models.

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