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December 04, 2018

Eyewear designer Xavier Garcia has lived in Barcelona all his life.

His acetate and metal collections were first launched internationally in 2009.

Today he runs the eponymous independent eyewear label with a team of 15 creatives and sales experts from a trendy warehouse in one of Barcelona’s most sought after barrios.


Xavier Garcia Barcelona, a company that expresses the character of the city of Barcelona and its designer and artist Xavier Garcia, continues to grow its staff and turnover, exporting its “essence and culture” around the world through its signature collections.
The eyewear is expressed through an urban theme, where colour combinations and shapes, inspired by the city’s colourful surroundings and its constant movement, create the look.
“The collection has always been developing,” explains the designer. “There are seasons where we are more willing to highlight colour or particular details while at other times we might spend more time looking for technical solutions. At the same time, in some seasons, you may feel like doing simple things or something quite different again inspired by architecture.
But each year, of course, the challenge changes, as the company continues to grow.


“We identify ourselves as members of the ‘slow design’ movement because we believe in change, authenticity, economic sustainability, in the real value of the products and in the added value that design provides.”

Sónar is an electronic and advanced music festival, founded in Barcelona in 1994 by Ricard Robles, Enric Palau, and Sergi Caballero.

“I like to go there each year.
It is an opportunity to experience new music and technology and installations with mixed media.
This interests me a lot, it is a great inspiration for us here...”

The Autumn/Winter collection 2018 is technically focused on comfort and lightness, as well as offering original colours and textures, and an expressive personality.

The new styles were launched at SILMO Paris in September 2018.

“I studied industrial design at the Elisava School in Barcelona and worked for some time in Italy.
I started my career as a freelance designer…today I design, produce and sell my own frames with no limits, other than the search for my own way, always trying to be as genuine as possible…”

When Xavier is not working, he occasionally finds time for relaxation and some drawing, painting or photography via his iPhone…

This last year has been quite complicated - we have seen a few changes in our art direction, but we are always moving ahead, and now I am working with two new and talented designers, one from an industrial design background and one from fashion…”
Asked to explain his love for his home city, Garcia is passionate about many different elements: “What I love about my city? It’s everything: the pleasant weather, the fresh food, the abundance of fish, the wonderful fruit and vegetables we have here…you can find an excellent mixture of everything in this city. It is big enough to allow you to find many things happening throughout the year, and, from a cultural point of view, it is always an inspiring place for cultural events, and music and art.”

The eyewear brand has strong links with fashion in Barcelona, and attends the well-known Fashion Week.


Xavier Garcia eyewear campaign Autumn/Winter 18: a new look for the Spanish brand based in Barcelona – the new season frames show off advanced materials and colours and shapes which work together to form timeless pieces.

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