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March 27, 2018

Independent production, high quality, sustainable materials, innovation and craftsmanship.

Nina Mûr is a Madrid based eyewear label, specializing in design concepts that go beyond the passing trends.

Creatives Lorena Serrano and Davide Fichera are the owners of Fikera & Quiche agency and the founders of NINA MÛR.

Serrano has a background is Creative and Art Direction, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing and Content. Fichera trained in Architecture and Product Design.
Serrano comes from a family of opticians and has spent her life with glasses somewhere nearby. Since she was young, she has helped her mother spot the trends and the interesting independent brands. Due to her passion for this accessory and her vocation for design, it was just a matter of time before Nina Mûr was born. With a degree in Marketing and a master’s degree in Creativity and Art Direction, at Nina Mûr, Serrano is in charge of the creative direction and the design of the glasses.

“Davide has the gift of being able to realize what I am thinking. He was brought up in a furniture factory owned by his grandfather, and he has always been surrounded by people working in the wood and interior design industry. He studied Architecture in Florence.
Nowadays he works as a graphic designer as well as an industrial designer. For Davide, design is not only about creating something on paper or on screen, but also about producing something and making it “reproducible”. My mother started working as an optician more than 35 years ago and my sister became an optician too. They run two optical shops in Madrid - Optica Alohe. I remember going to the fairs with my mother when I was really young. I also love drawing so I was always “scribbling” crazy frames.”

“We have a baby boy named Luca, who is nearly one. I love being with him to discover his personality, to be there while he is getting bigger and to see how he is developing.

Playing with him, tickling him and seeing his smile is everything. I love making him laugh!”

“Fikera & Quiche is an independent creative agency and another element of the work we do. The concept was born out of a love for doing things well, always with a degree of experimentation. We provide consultancy for brands.

The main fields we work in are Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Content and Environmental Design. We specialize in fashion, lifestyle and retail."

"At the agency, we have two key concepts:
Communication: we work to make brands memorable and visible, with high standards of quality and absolute dedication.
Experimental Studio: we have an in-house R+D space equipped for testing, investigating and crafting, ideal for experimentation and learning.
Both concepts feed each other and both evolve together.”

Nina Mûr goes Memphis: created in honour of Ettore Sottsass’s 100th anniversary, Nina Mûr eyewear has presented a collection in collaboration with Abet Laminati, inspired by the colours and formal shapes of the artistic movements of the 1980s.

\\ Model Nathalie in pale pink and black – Nina Mûr goes Memphis

Nina Mûr has created hand-painted glasses exclusively for the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, created with the artist Gala Fernandez

Nina Mûr + Brianda F. J. Stuart: the brand created a limited edition with Brianda F. J. Stuart featuring the artist’s elegant
marbling technique handpainted on wood.

The colour palette is bold, vibrant and
fresh, inspired by “A Portuguesa”
by Robert Delaunay

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