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December 02, 2019

Daniel Liktor

neubau was launched in June 2016, founding itself on the long- standing heritage and inspiration of the Viennese creative district Neubau.

The label benefits from the pedigree of knowledge from its parent company, Silhouette International.

Every frame in the portfolio is created to combine high standards of quality with dynamic progress in terms of technology and design.
The company follows a credo of “SEE & DO GOOD”, which means maintaining a respectful relationship with the environment and its local surroundings, even in urban spaces, using environmentally sustainable methods of production.
Daniel Liktor, Global Brand Director is one of the young creative ‘founders’ of the sustainable eyewear label.
“I have always been a glasses lover, but I’d never worked with frames before I joined neubau. I have a marketing background and I have been working for 10 years in Product and Brand management at Mercedes-Benz/smart and Red Bull. Besides my love for glasses, brands and marketing I am a passionate cook; I have been constantly working in bars and restaurants for almost two decades, my Dad is a chef and was running his own place - I have it in my genes.”

"In 2015, I joined the eyewear industry to create the brand neubau eyewear which has been really exciting so far"

“Art has always been a big part of my life. Especially Banksy, the British master of street art, whom I admire for his
expressive and controversial motives.”

“As an avid basketball player, I‘m a huge fan of Air Jordans, from their initial release on! I enjoy the timeless design and the comfort.“


“It was something that came naturally for us, being sustainable is an inherent part of us, and our target group’s, lifestyle and everyday life. I think, that the eyewear industry is still not as progressive as other industries, e.g. the fashion industry in this respect.
There are only few brands in the market, that really tell a consistent and authentic sustainable story.
End consumers, especially in Europe do care a lot about our environment, and they do definitely reward the efforts we make.”

"The Bosco Verticale, Milan: I love the integration of nature into the urban environment.
For me it transports the importance of re- combining nature and people, especially
in the cities.”


“It’s a beautiful mix of the old monarchy beauty and up to date bars, restaurants, galleries and independent retail spots. I also love the mix of people you can meet there, either young creatives or already successful entrepreneurs, who share and shape the district in an inspiring way.
I currently live in Berlin, after 7 years in beautiful Salzburg.”

“The Neubau District has always been my favourite spot in Vienna, when it comes to shopping, culture and nightlife".


“Actually, I have two very different hearts beating in my chest.
One for vibrant cities such as NYC, London and Berlin with all their options, which always have been a great source of inspiration to me. The other beats for nature, especially mountains and some sports I can do there.
I always try to create a well-balanced mix of both, as I couldn’t live too long without the one or the other.”


“I appreciate a certain aesthetic based on simplicity – that is why we launched our Walter & Wassily frame to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement.
The Bauhaus with its tremendous influence into modern design and architecture is one of my all-time favorites. Great design/architecture does not follow any trends, either it creates them or it can exist and even become commercially successful without being part of any trend out there.”

“I admire the distinct characteristics of Danish Modern furniture: minimalistic, clean lines, exquisite materials and careful detailing.
We also strive to implement these characteristics in our neubau frames.”

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, an outstanding personality of the German avant-garde architecture and director of the Bauhaus was an expert in combining straight lines, modern steel constructions and generous glass fronts. Very impressive!


Combining nostalgic glamour with futuristic design: neubau’s Olivier & Virginia 3D Collection.
Crafted using stainless steel and an innovative unique 3D-printed technique, the new models are a fusion of retro glamour and avant-garde futurism.
“Through the early-adoption of 3D printing, neubau has been able to set the bar in the eyewear industry in terms of design, whilst also being resource efficient thanks to the reusability of excess material when constructing using a 3D printer".

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