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February 07, 2018

Annette Estø is the striking red head at FLEYE Copenhagen, one of the original founders of the Danish brand and a creative force who loves nature,
art and all things related to design.

Winning the SILMO d’Or Premiere Classe Special Award at the international eyewear fair in Paris was one of the highlights of 2017 at FLEYE in a year that also saw the brand launch an exciting collection dedicated to Scandinavian food, intended to inspire with the colours, textures, and layerings of Danish smørrebrød. In line with the design identity, the brand has blended urban Nordic impulses with the classic simplicity for which the FLEYE frames have become known.

 “In collaboration with chef Rasmus Kjær, we created pieces of smørrebrød from seasonal colours. Then, together with photographer Columbus Leth, we documented the whole process from the single elements to the completed smørrebrød creations, ending up with small art pieces, some obvious in their inspiration and others much more abstract.”

\\ Model Jackson by FLEYE Copenhagen


“It is no secret that I am a nature lover. FLEYE’s headquarters are located in a manor house in the Danish countryside, 25 minutes outside Copenhagen. You feel relaxed as soon as you arrive at work because it’s so quiet here – hearing the birds sing, seeing deer and hares. It’s amazing all year-round. The colours change from season to season. I spend a lot of time traveling to big cities, so to me it is a nice contrast.”

Orvieto Cathedral, Italy

”I love to visit churches. One of my favorite churches is the beautiful, old cathedral in Orvieto, Italy. It has the most incredible, ornate facade and black/white horizontal striped stone walls. The delicately carved details and patterns are fascinating, and I always end up taking a hundred pictures on my smartphone for inspiration when designing eyewear.”

on Fyn

“My summerhouse is the perfect getaway and I go here to relax as often as possible. I adore being in the countryside surrounded by beautiful nature. We have a cozy orangery in the garden where I love to sit in the evenings. The orangery is a must since the Danish weather can be very tricky.”

Homemade jam
from my summerhouse

“The berries around my summerhouse begin to ripen in the late spring and summer, and I really enjoy making my own jam. Homemade jam tastes like summer in a jar and can be enjoyed year-round. I usually make a huge amount of red currant jelly in order to have enough for Christmas Eve - it tastes delicious with duck.”

Beach view from
my house

“I’m lucky to live right by the beach; it’s an amazing place for exercise. Every morning I wake up early to jog 4km on the beach and I watch the sunrise. I find that morning exercise puts me in a calm and centered state. It is also a fantastic way to wake yourself up in the morning and increases productivity.”

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