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Author: Esther Alonso

Brand Profile
February 27, 2020

Vittore Tormen and Enrico Tormen, joint CEOs, Look-made in Italia

In this interview given exclusively to 20/20 Europe, Enrico Tormen and Vittore Tormen, joint CEOs Look-Made in Italia, tell us about Materika, the company’s prestigious design collection based on the concept of “less is more”.

Q: What prompted the launch of Materika? What has been the evolution of the brand? What reception has Materika had in the market since its appearance in the market in 2014?

A: Vittore Tormen: The Materika collection was born in 2014 as an evolution of the glorious Augusto Valentini Design line.
It represents the synthesis of the technological experimentations of the company Look-made in Italia and its capacity to turn its experience into an avant-garde product. The background of experience and expertise of the company allowed the brand immediate success in different markets.

Q: Looking back, what have been Materika’s greatest successes since its launch?

A: VT: Materika integrates with and completes the eyewear proposal of our company which also includes Lookkino and Look; this is thanks to the product which offers excellent performance and a simple aesthetic which is in line with the concept of “less is more”. It traces the path of a recognizable style that enhances the essence of the material in order to satisfy the consumer demand for new modern essential shapes.

Q: What stylistic values does the Materika user appreciate most?

A:   VT: The aesthetic values prioritize the design and a meticulous, almost obsessive study, starting from raw materials through the production stage all the way to the final product. All the materials are developed and implemented to improve the performance and reliability. There is no doubt that the Materika collection represents the point of conjunction between pure handcraft and outstanding technology.

Q: How would you define Materika’s style? From where do the sources of inspiration come?

A: VT: The design of Materika is the result of a dialogue and interaction in different design fields. This collection is inspired by the aesthetic and sensorial suggestions of nature; a catalyst where design and nature itself meet (nature as a sum of elements but also as the origin of the human being). Texture and surfaces, achieved through technological experimentation, are inspired in the universe of different shapes present in the environment. The choice to use only biocompatible materials - especially Hititanium, an exclusive titanium with extremely thin thickness, or Alumix, a special alloy made of a mix of Aluminium and Magnesium - is an example of this inspiration in nature.

Q: What strengths does this collection have in terms of materials?

A: VT: As mentioned before, the materials are extremely refined, with attention paid to the details that you can see when observing the frame close up. We work with materials starting from their molecular state to ensure the absence of any incompatible substance in the biological equilibrium. This makes sense as we want our frames to satisfy the needs of the wearer and reflect their aspirations.

\\ The DNA of Look: modern and minimal

Q: Where does Materika focus in the immediate future?

A: VT: Our wish is to strengthen the state- of-the-art DNA of the brand through tests and specific research to verify new technologies that will perfect further the performance of the frames and the design of the products.

Q: How has Look evolved since its birth?

A: Enrico Tormen: Look (Look-made in Italia) was born in 1978 and it immediately stood out as a creative, design oriented multi-concept company. In all these years we have always tried to be different, perhaps accidentally at the beginning, but we never limited ourselves in terms of technology. A continuous and constant evolution represents the company strategy, and this has been preserved over the years. Nowadays in the eyewear market we can proudly say that we are one of the few vertical companies, and we are able to offer a product that we handle and control from the beginning to the very end: from the creative concept to the materials, from the engineering and all the phases of production to the final product itself, from shipping to customer service.
It’s a never-ending challenge but the secret is to transfer our passion into our products.

Q: The company portfolio stands out for its versatility. Do you think there is a pair of glasses for everyone in your offer?

A: ET: We develop products “ad personam” for the wellbeing of the user. We offer a wide range of frames for all ages from infants to adults, divided according to our three brands Lookkino, Look and Materika, but all representative under the umbrella of values and expertise of the company Look- made in Italia.

Q: What could you tell us about the investigation of the company in terms of materials?

A: VT: The research in material is at the basis of the Materika brand in order to provide specific solutions to each user’s needs. This is through a continuous in-depth analysis of the contemporary evolution of the material in order to give a real answer to those who are searching for a frame that is extraordinary in comfort, design and reliability. 

Q: In the case of Look, do aesthetic needs mark the materials or vice versa?

A: VT: In our philosophy, the material represents the starting point, the subject to be studied in order to achieve continuous innovation. When we think of our new frames, we start from the material and its inner qualities to reach an aesthetic that does not follow trends but only style.

Q: How is Look approaching the year 2020? What major news would you highlight for this year?

A: ET: We have a positive vision of the future because the “millennials” and the “Z generation” are rediscovering the need to choose a product that is not only beautiful and functional, but that also provides a guarantee in terms of sustainability, reliability and quality. The market is changing and we are becoming a point of reference for many new consumers. Our strategy for 2020 is to reinforce our path of achievement and identity developed in the past few years.

\\ For the Materika collection Look uses biocompatible materials like Hititanium

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