LAPIMA: Postcards From Brazil To The World

Author: Interview by Valeria Martinez

Brand Profile
February 17, 2023

Born in the Brazilian countryside in 2016, LAPIMA has managed to bring its sharp shapes and bold colours to the stands of hundreds of eyewear shops. As the brand gets ready for its first showcase at MIDO, we caught up with its Co-Founders Gisela and Gustavo Assis to discuss LAPIMA’s upcoming launches, the secret behind their colour palettes and their thoughts for the future.

Gustavo and Gisela Assis, Co-Founders, LAPIMA

Q: Where did the LAPIMA story begin? What is the inspiration behind the name?

A: Gustavo graduated in business and has worked on his own stores since he was 20. He has always loved architecture and it was a dream for him to work with creativity. Gisela is a former classical ballerina, graduated in marketing. The junction of both artistic dreams made the creation of Lapima possible. The name was given by the couple's first son, Guga. When he was two years old, could not pronounce “Lá em cima”, which means “Up there” in Portuguese, and would say LAPIMA (it sounds very much the same). That is where the name came from.

Q: Did your background in the creative industries prior to launching the brand have any influence on its design approach?

A: Yes, a lot. Gustavo has always been an architecture, nature, and arts admirer. Gisela, as a former ballet dancer, brings the touch of movement and grace to the brand.

Q: LAPIMA seems to put a lot of emphasis on using bold colours, especially in the sunglasses. Could you give us an insight into the process of choosing the perfect colour palettes?

A: Brazil is always the starting point, where we come from and where we go back to. The exuberant nature, the modernist architecture, and the expansiveness of our people, inspire colours, curves and sensuality. In an artistic, authorial process, the inspirations begin with drawing on paper, made by hand, going through millimetre calculation, the curves and volumes of each frontal, the perfect game of light and shadow, harmony. And the colour comes into play, the desired tone to better serve that inspiration.

New campaign featuring
the Vela Collection

Q: How do you manage to stay original, creative and avant-garde in such a crowded eyewear market? How do you achieve the perfect mix between vintage and modern?

A: We believe that being original comes from being inspired daily, not by the market, but by what we love (nature, the ocean, the forest…). The love for beauty, the desire to create beautiful sculptures for people to wear and feel amazing, the aesthetic taste of Gustavo’s point of view…. This keeps LAPIMA’s creativity high!

Q: What new launches will you be showcasing at MIDO? What is special about these collections?

A: The MIDO collection is unique and very new, design wise. Inspired by the Sail Boats from Ceará State – northeast of Brazil. Lapima brings eight new shapes, a very summery colour palette and amazing images!

Q: What are the key points that you always consider when designing a woman’s collection, compared to a man’s line?

A: Sensuality, beauty and comfort. Women love to feel beautiful, gorgeous, chic, and exclusive! Our X Collection was born with the intention to bring an option to men who want to wear LAPIMA. Longer temples, wider nose bridges, but still, beautiful sexy lines are part of this line.

Model Manuela
in the Vela Collection by LAPIMA

Q: LAPIMA has become much loved on the international fashion scene. Would you ever consider collaborating with a fashion brand? What would such a partnership look like?

A: LAPIMA was shown in Paris, during 2017, 2018 and 2019 at Fashion week. The stores loved the brand, so did the fashion Vips and influencers. Of course, a fashion collaboration will be welcome, but it needs to touch us deeply, the brand has to share the same world philosophy.

Q: How is LAPIMA adapting to a growing demand for sustainable eyewear?

A: LAPIMA was born sustainable, because we are an In-house atelier – we design, prototype and produce every single frame. The images, the collection campaigns, all the details are made in-house. We work as a Haute Couture brand, we produce on demand, we don’t carry stock. That is how we were born and that is how we plan our growth.

Q: What are your thoughts for the future, and how do you see LAPIMA developing ten years from now?

A: We believe in a beautiful world, we believe that the LAPIMA community can grow bigger and stronger, maintaining a sustainable, artistic, design-oriented brand. We foresee LAPIMA as the brand that people will search for when they want a very well-crafted piece, unique design, when they want to feel confident and strong.

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