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Author: Joan Grady

Brand Profile
January 05, 2018

Marion Frost, frost eyewear

Innovative, imaginative and individualistic: Marion Frost at frost eyewear describes the philosophy of the German brand she created with her husband Paris, and the beautiful Black Forest that inspires designs.

Q: Give a brief history of the frost brand.

A: Paris and I founded the eyewear production company PM Frost in 1994. The first glasses entered the market under the brand name TATTO-O. Due to the increasing global interest and patents received, a more personalized name was desired, and the brand renamed to ‘frost eyewear’. Since 1996, we participate regularly in national and international fairs for eyewear design. In 2004 a new production building opened in Sasbach (north of the German Black Forest). Here frost designs, produces and sends its goods all over the world. This is possible with an efficient network of sales partners.

Q: What are the most significant attributes of your designs?

A: frost style is highly individual. We are always searching for new designs that are capable of making a difference, and create individual looking eyewear that fits a variety of customers’ needs and desires. As an independent brand we are highly flexible and inventive. Our glasses are made in Germany, and we have everything in-house: starting with the design and ending with the finished glasses being sent all over the world. This reality also contributes to our eyewear designs. 

Q: frost frames are sold in over forty countries. Does the customer profile vary widely in different locations?

A: Customer profiles vary when you look at it from an international perspective. The form of the head itself varies as well. It is an ongoing challenge to offer a variety of frame designs that fulfil the expectation and needs around the world.
There is also another movement one can observe. For example, our metal frames have been preferred in Asia for years. Now metal frames are the trend, and getting bigger in Europe.

Q: frost eyewear has collections in acetate, metal and stainless steel. Are there other materials in which you would like to create eyewear?

A: The eyewear brand frost consists of three different collections: frost hot glasses, myfrost and f-type. Each has its own focal point. We are always looking to use innovative materials and technology to reach better results in design and function. 

Q: What new design concepts will you be presenting at OPTI?

A: We will present four brand new acetate designs. The overall topic of the designs is DIMENSIONS. Following this theme frost eyewear will introduce Molecule, Frequenz, Panorama and Crystals as amazingly varied and diversified designs. As always, there are a variety of colours. I’ve been inspired by the dimensions and beauty of our world. This starts when two atoms meet to form a molecule, touching the often unseen dimension of sound; finally referring to the beauty of whole landscapes, and highly valued natural objects like crystals. 

\\ Lifestyle image featuring Molecule from frost eyewear, debuting at OPTI

Q: What trends do you foresee unfolding in eyewear  - for spring/summer 2018?

A: In 2018, we spot one overall trend: the ongoing will and wish for more individuality in product design, and therefore the fragmentation into a variety of sub-trends when you look at form and material. This is what we have observed for some time now, and it is an important aspect for our frame designs. For colour, we expect more requests in blue, violet and red, as well as light-coloured frames in off-white, smoky grey and transparent effects.

Q: frost has been creating unique eyewear for over twenty years. What influential changes have been most revolutionary?

A: For us, technology and the technological change is the strongest influence. It starts with creating ideas on a computer. It continues with the new technological opportunities in the production process, and it ends with modern communication technology that allows us to get in touch with our customers, instantly.
The technology is only an influence in the process of eyewear creation and production. The human being is at the centre of my thoughts and ideas. I continue to receive inspiration from nature, and especially the Black Forest.

\\ “I’ve been inspired by the dimensions and beauty of our world.” Panorama in two-tone colourations.

\\ Frequenz in acetate from DIMENSIONS by frost eyewear

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