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Author: Joan Grady

Brand Profile
December 04, 2017

\\ Optical finesse in acetate and titanium

Mr. Frank, President Frank Custom

Timelessness and technical excellence unite in Frank Custom Eyewear.

The South Korean brand
reflects an international vision, and creates eyewear in streamlined materials that emphasize comfort, diversity, quality and refinement.

President Mr. Frank discusses present and future
perspectives of Frank Custom Eyewear.

Q: Please share with us the philosophy of the Frank Custom brand.

A: Frank Custom was created and founded with the idea of building on the question of what makes glasses  - really good glasses. Glasses are worn on our faces, which is the most critical part of our body, as that mirrors who we are. Also, glasses are with us almost all the time  - in our daily lives - except when we sleep. It means they should be lightweight and comfortable, and the wearer needs to be at ease with their frames. We believe these two features are the most important requirements for a successful frame. 

Q: Asia is the fastest growing eyewear market. How does this affect marketing and promotional planning at Frank Custom?

A: The Asian eyewear market and Asian brands have been growing, and are expected to keep developing. The design and quality are quite attractive, especially considering the reasonable prices. The affordable price and good quality are narrowing the gap between the Asian market and the leading markets in Europe and North America. We have tried hard to become known in the European market. In addition, we have also put our efforts into the Asian market, and we are steadily increasing our market share. After all, Frank Custom is an Asian brand! 

Q: Are Korean men and women influenced by North American, European, or other global fashion trends?

A: Historically, Korea has moved through a rapid change of society, both economically and culturally in recent decades. We have our own trends in Korean society. Korean customers love many foreign eyewear brands, and we also have Korean brands that satisfy customers. I believe that some Korean brands could have a significant influence on other global markets. The Korean eyewear market has grown to the extent that it now walks side by side with the global market.

Q: Share with us the concept for the new Frank Custom Third Concept 20 Balance Collection? 

A: This collection embodies several different ideas. Views of nature, an African sunset, as well as everything from the 1920’s – including fashion and jazz – all contribute to the shapes and colours.

Views of nature, an African sunset, as well as everything from the 1920s - including fashion and jazz - all contributes to the shapes and colours. 

Q: In 2018, Frank Custom will celebrate 20 years of creating eyewear. How has the company evolved, and how do you see design initiatives or goals unfolding in the next three to five years?

A: Yes...for the past 20 years we have been shedding blood, sweat and tears to set up this brand as we are now. So far, our key words have been classic and vintage. We might introduce many other concepts inspired by various subjects such as architecture, music, art, and other elements in the future.  However, they will be something timeless. Countless brands express their own concepts in their own way.  We want Frank Custom to be remembered as a classical brand, and at the same time, as comfortable as an “old friend”. Whenever you talk about classic eyeglasses, we hope Frank Custom will come to mind right away!

\\ Quality and refined styling at Frank Custom in Korea

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