Confirmed for 13/14 September

July 20, 2020

Hall of Frames’ (Switzerland) organisers confirms that the fair will go ahead as usual on 13 and 14 September 2020, despite the disruptions of the last difficult months. After more than 10 years, the Hall of Frames has established itself as a platform for independent opticians and eyewear designers in Switzerland, owing its success to the fact that it has constantly been evolving. In particular, the fair has brought together and strengthened the "alternative" market for spectacle frames. The organisers say that the COVID-19 crisis has left its mark, with some exhibitors withdrawing or taking a break for a year. Other exhibitors, on the other hand, see opportunities and a mood of optimism. The market is extremely dynamic and appears to be recovering rapidly, according to the team at Hall of Frames.
After the lockdown, many opticians' businesses have full order books again. The backlog has caused inventories to empty faster than expected. And so the Hall of Frames is set to be an interesting opportunity to start the second half of the year with new momentum and to increase the product range again, according to the organisers. Reize Optik with the Nikon brand is the new main partner with the Hall of Frames. Nikon is a pioneer in lens technology, as well as in materials and their finishes. The Japanese brand is known for its technical know-how and innovative strength in optical designs. The team from Reize Optik will present the Presio Ultimate, Nikon's new high-tech progressive lens, at the Hall of Frames. Another new partner at this year's Hall of Frames is Dynoptic, a network of around 100 opticians from all over Switzerland. By participating, Dynoptic aims to strengthen the exchange between existing suppliers but also hopes to enter into discussions with potential new partners. The organisers are examining the possibility of holding an additional event in Spring 2021. The Garden Hall in the new Zurich Convention Center has already been reserved for Autumn 2021.

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