SILMO 2020
Preparing to welcome the industry back

May 15, 2020

The organisers of the SILMO event in Paris, which is slated to take place on 2nd-5th October 2020 have re-confirmed their commitment to support the industry’s professionals with an event that will “welcome the industry back”. In a statement to the press on 12th June, Amélie Morel, Chairman of SILMO Paris said that SILMO Paris continues to work on a daily basis to protect and enhance the industry. “The calendar of great events has been disrupted overall,” she said, “but we are keeping a close eye on the encouraging evolution of the situation, and we are prepared for any possible scenario with one central objective: to protect the interests of our communities.” Resolutely positive and enthusiastic, the SILMO team is ‘all hands on deck’ to prepare the next edition of the trade fair, eagerly attended by the entire profession (700 companies have already confirmed their registration, for an exhibitor attendance rate of 80%). “Since the lifting of lockdown has been unfolding smoothly throughout Europe,” Morel added, “we are very optimistic, and are more determined than ever to propose a forward-looking 2020 edition rich in innovative content and friendly, inspiring encounters.”  Éric Lenoir, Director of SILMO Paris said: “The protection of exhibitors, visitors and all our teams is central to us: we are considering all the possibilities and are ready to assume 100% responsibility for any risks.  But most of all, we wish to reassure optical and eyewear professionals that we are making every effort – as we do every year – to prepare a trade fair at the cutting edge of innovation and inspiration to lead the community through the developments underway in the industry and in the business. After nine months deprived of professional encounters, without seeing each other ‘in real life’, we will be even more thrilled to see you again (safely, of course!) to celebrate the creativity, conviviality and expertise of our entire field. We are resolutely optimistic, committed and supportive: we are convinced the the future is at SILMO and that SILMO is the future! #FUTURISSILMO”.

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