OPTI 2022: virtual + live
“Designed to bring the industry together again”

April 22, 2021

Opti 22, the leading trade show for the optics and optometry industry in Germany, is confirmed to take place from 14th to 16th January 2022. Exhibitors can register for the trade show in Munich with immediate effect, “doing so entirely free of risk but with the prospect of important and valuable business opportunities” show organisers confirmed. In an interview issued for the press, Bettina Reiter, exhibition director of opti, the international trade show for optics and design, along with Klaus Plaschka, managing director of GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH, in their capacity as organisers, said that trade fairs will be more important than ever in future. Klaus Plaschka said: “We utilised the famous year 2020 - which was the first time in its history that opti too had to be cancelled - to make both our organisation and our core competence - the organisation and holding of live events - ‘fit for the future”. “We have certainly been through a turbulent year and we have had to see what a great blow it has been for the trade fair organizers, exhibitors and visitors - as it also was for the entire optics industry - to have all trade fairs cancelled, including opti 2021. Despite this, I am both optimistic and firmly convinced that we can all learn a great deal from coping with this crisis.” Bettina Reiter confirmed that the show would go ahead in Munich as planned with a digital element to support the live event. “opti will be held in January. And this is true in a further sense too: we are planning a live event that will be augmented by digital offerings, both in the run-up to and during and after the trade show that will provide the intensive interaction that the industry urgently needs. In addition, we assure both exhibitors and visitors that opti 2022 will contain many components familiar to them. We are optimally organised for it, as we will take the concepts that were already fully prepared for opti 2021. We will add to them the now-standard measures such as the integration of test results or vaccination certificates and adjusting and implementing these measures in the light of the situation that prevails in January 2022. Should it unexpectedly prove impossible to carry out the trade fair as a live event then we plan to have a different format that we will present to the market in good time.”


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