Milan Design Week 2019

April 15, 2019

neubau presents “Bauhaus event party” at Stecca 3.0, Milan

neubau celebrated 100 years of Bauhaus with a special party and presentation of the new Walter & Wassily edition during Milan Design Week 2019.

The event took place at Stecca 3.0 in Via de Castilla 26 and included a DJ set by Le Cannibale and a performance in costume to evoke the atmosphere of the Bauhaus era.

The new neubau limited edition collection “Walter & Wassily”, created as an homage to the founder of Bauhaus and painter Wassily Kandinsky, was presented to a large crowd attending Milan Design Week. The design of the frames highlights the clear lines and minimalist style of the Bauhaus movement, while focusing on new technical opportunities in frame production through the use of 3D printed technology.

The frames, now in 3 different combinations (black/white, black/silver and /black/gold) are now also available at the Milan Design Market in via Pastrengo 14, and in the new neubau e-shop which also launches the sun collection 2019.
Since its creation in 2016, neubau eyewear has focused on uniting innovative design with extensive production know-how and experience. Offering a collection of lightweight, fashionable frames, the brand aims to guarantee the highest quality standards and wearer comfort as well as dedicating itself to high environmental standards and sustainable values.

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