MIDO 2023: The latest events confirmed for the Milan Fair

Author: 2O/20 Europe Team for Mido 2023

January 09, 2023

MIDO 2023 will feature “HOW TO?”, a series that addresses the practical everyday activities that occur in optical shops: realistic content on different topics, like style consultation, point of sale renovation, marketing and communication, events as a means of communication, etc. Each meeting (four are planned, to date) will be held in the OTTICLUB space in pavilion 3, and will feature prominent speakers from the most diverse sectors, some of them from outside the eyewear industry. Another innovation for MIDO 2023 is Book@MIDO, the presentation of six books with stories just waiting to be told. The presentation will include the book “IInnovazione nell’eyewear design – by Elisabetta Benelli and Benedetta Terenzi” and “Il Design della montatura, ovvero la complessità oltre l’apparenza – by Mario Casini”. Two special projects have been planned: on Saturday, 4th February, at 10.30 – a presentation will take place called Empowering Optical Women Leadership which supports women on a leadership career path in the eyewear industry, in Italy and internationally. Historically, the eyewear industry has experienced high levels of female employment (60%) which, however, is not sufficiently reflected in the presence of women in managerial roles (female managers 22%). ANFAO has decided to make an active contribution, working alongside local and international associations, to build awareness, promote an inclusive corporate culture, encourage continuing education and foster networking. A discussion will also take place around the Observatory on gender equality in leadership in the eyewear industry that will lay out the guidelines for a pilot project for female empowerment education and promotion of an inclusive corporate culture. On Sunday, 5th February, at 11 MIDO will host Fondazione Campagna Amica that will present “I cibi della vista e del benessere” [Food for sight and wellbeing]. Promoted by Coldiretti [the Italian Confederation of Farmers], Campagna Amica was established in 2008 to develop initiatives that fully express the value and dignity of Italian agriculture, shining a light on its crucial role in safeguarding the environment, land, traditions, culture and health. Public health, like environmental resources, is a common good, even recognized in the Constitution as an inalienable right and the duty of every citizen.
At MIDO, Fondazione Campagna Amica will present the early stages of a document, produced in collaboration with high-profile representatives of the medical field, on various topics that range from cancer prevention to eye care. Chapters focused on different organs and systems highlight the links between nutrition, physiology and wellbeing of the body in its various functions. This collaborative effort will be formalized with the establishment of a medical-scientific committee on the subject. The committee will meet semi-annually to publish, design and share best-practices pathways. During the meeting, the focus will be on vision and on the foods that can promote and even improve vision.
MIDO will take place at Fieramilano (Strada Statale del Sempione 28 - Rho), on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February from 9 am to 7 pm, and Monday, February 6th from 9 am to 6 pm.

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