September 23, 2019

Continue collaboration

Brillen-Profi and Copenhagen specs in Berlin will continue their collaboration to promote and support independent eyewear. Brillen-Profi is the biggest network of opticians in Germany and has been around for more than 25 years. It works tirelessly to give independent opticians and brands the best possible options in a tough and challenging market. Gerhard Langseder CEO at Brillen-Profi says: “copenhagen specs in berlin is an exhibition concept which is unique in Germany.
The premiere event last year has scored well with a balanced mix of modern brands and a friendly atmosphere.
It will be a pleasure for us, to continue our collaboration and support the exhibition with our network.”
Founder/CEO of copenhagen specs in Berlin, Morten Gammelmark said:
“I’m very happy that Brillen-Profi once again has chosen to use copenhagen specs in Berlin as an active part of their set up. Both companies work for independents to allow them to stand out and be different in the eyewear industry. So, for me, it’s a natural that we collaborate together and support each other.”

Copenhagen specs in Berlin takes place from 5-6th October 2019 in Arena Berlin.

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