OVVO Optics is one of the most innovative brands in the eyewear market today, creating high performance, technically advanced eyewear since 2011. The company is based and operated in USA, the frames are manufactured in Poland. With a team of 250 dedicated craftsmen, OVVO remains one of the largest family owned and operated eyewear factories in Europe. All components are constructed in-house from the highest grade materials and patented technologies, undergoing 85 steps of meticulous craftsmanship with great precision and attention to details. The Surgical Steel & Titanium Collection is OVVO’s core line. The frames fuse military grade surgical steel with titanium creating a composite that has become an OVVO signature. This hypoallergenic material, first developed for spacecraft and military projects offers remarkable durability, lightness, flex memory, and heat resistance. Weighing barely 17 grams, OVVO frames offer unparalleled comfort and unfailing durability. Tests showed that when stretched flat, frames can hold up to 90 pounds without breaking or damaging the frame. The passion for precision and performance is what makes OVVO eyewear different. Every frame that bears the OVVO name delivers unsurpassed quality, style, and innovation. Follow their story, view the award-winning collections, learn more about their technologies at ovvooptics.com.
Surgical Steel & Titanium
Gold & Hue
DUO – metal & acetate
Diamond-like Carbon
Wood & Carbon Fiber


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