NIRVAN JAVAN focuses on the limitless horizon of a modern society. Cultures interact and merge with each other, creating their own kind of elegance in the process. This cultural symbiosis is a source of endless inspiration. It is an invitation to #SEETHEWORLD. Each pair of glasses celebrates this symbiosis of cultures, by translating architecture, culture and traditions of well-known metropolises into the shape and material of the models. High quality acetate from Japan and Italy, as well as titanium and stainless steel give the glasses the unmistakable character of the cities. Whether it is the London elegance, or the Tokyoan interplay of technology and tradition, they are elegantly captured in the frames. Behind the brand NIRVAN JAVAN is the  same named designer of Persian origin. At a young age his creative passion was already evident. Clear and  elegant aesthetics, pursuing perfection as well as purism characterize the designer’s unmistakable style.


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