LINDBERG is a family-run business led by architect MAA Henrik Lindberg who co-founded the company with his father, optometrist Poul-Jørn Lindberg, over three decades ago. LINDBERG eyewear is the embodiment of Danish design. Every pair of eyeglasses is made with a minimalist approach without screws, rivets or welded parts. The result is ultra-lightweight eyewear that keeps on revolutionising the industry with award-winning designs and innovative technologies. What makes LINDBERG stand out is the modular system that allows end-users to customise every element of their eyewear to suit their personal style and needs. Each pair of LINDBERG glasses is individually crafted and hand-finished by in-house eyewear specialists. Everything is made using responsibly sourced and exceptionally long-lasting materials including titanium, gold, buffalo horn, fine woods and diamonds. Every eyewear and component are made to order at the unique facility in Denmark, in a melting pot of modern technology, traditional craftsmanship and design.

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