A new brand that puts the customer experience first.

Pronounced “in view”, and spelling out “I Envy You”, this new brand is a 100% Ultra Polarized sunglass line aimed squarely at the impulse retail price point of €45-65.The INVU brand and product portfolio have been developed with the clear objective of offering an extraordinary customer experience for today’s consumers who demand products that combine up-to-date fashion trends with outstanding product performance at an attractive price point. The new international INVU brand name combines the words “View”, representing the outstanding visual experience of the new ultra polarized lenses, and the word “IN” that stands for the latest designs in eyewear fashion. The combination of the brand name with the “Ultra Polarized” claim and the quality promise of the “by Swiss Eyewear Group” signature merge the concepts of fashion, product performance, and quality into one clear proposition.



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