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Campaign shot on the Catalan Mediterranean 

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April 24, 2021

Sea2see present their first shoot featuring the 2021 optical and sunglass models, shot on the Catalan coast, where the eyewear company took its first steps in 2016 to help save the ocean and remove waste from the sea. The new photo campaign features Jordi Fumanal and Anastasia Schevchenko with photography by Ivan Caster. Committed to sustainable values and innovation in the optical industry – that of creating stylish award-winning eyewear from recycled marine waste collected as part of an ecological and social endeavour to encourage change –, Sea2see’s 2021 collection is seen for the first time in a natural local setting of exceptional beauty, a gentle reminder of its commitment to preserving the natural world we love. Sea2see’s 2021 sustainable frames are described as offering extensive choice in shape and style, with products for men and women, and new “petite” fit designs. Lightweight and detail-oriented to provide comfort and stylistic flair, the frames for 2021 are characterized by timeless yet contemporary colour combinations and graduated and nature-inspired ‘ripple effect’ tones. The frames are made in Italy from 100% marine plastic waste collected by Sea2see. This waste is up-cycled into a reusable raw material in the form of pellets called UPSEA™ PLAST. The material is Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified and represents a unique development in eyewear, combining a quality finish with durability, lightness and ease of wear.

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